Besides sounds, colors are one of the first things children perceive. It is also the factor that stimulates children's curiosity and creativity at the earliest. 'JKarina Coloring Game' was created with the aim of making it easy for children to explore and create. - With funny images that will surely attract children at first sight - Simple operation makes it easy for children to reach - Children can easily create from primary colors by choosing different shades of light Get creative with your kids with the 'JKarina Coloring Game' app.
- A creative game from colors - Funny pictures of animals help children enjoy at first sight - No internet required, does not consume a lot of resources - Easily share your creations with friends - Optimized, modern design, easy to operate
- You feel tired after stressful working or studying hours. Don't worry, 'Smile Relaxing Sound' will help you relax. You can relax with the great music on the app or you can also make your own music - 'Smile Relaxing Sound' is more than just an entertaining music app. with 'binaural beats' mode - creating areas where two sound waves interfere, thereby activating brain waves, helping you focus more. You not only feel relaxed but also achieve high efficiency in learning and mental work
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