- Each level contains over 600 grammar activities, split into about 25 grammar topics such as Simple past, Past continuous, Question tags, Prepositions, Conditionals and Future perfect. - You can study all the grammar lessons by level. We ordered them from easy to difficult so learning is step by step. - We also have all the lessons grouped together by types such as Nouns, Verbs, Articles, Adverbs, Verb Tenses, etc. - Different color medals are given depending on your score - You can bookmark any lesson for later study
Besides sounds, colors are one of the first things children perceive. It is also the factor that stimulates children's curiosity and creativity at the earliest. 'JKarina Coloring Game' was created with the aim of making it easy for children to explore and create. - With funny images that will surely attract children at first sight - Simple operation makes it easy for children to reach - Children can easily create from primary colors by choosing different shades of light Get creative with your kids with the 'JKarina Coloring Game' app.
- Spend a few minutes doing daily workouts and get the best results quickly. - 3 difficulty levels, suitable for women and children - Customize duration, level, goal, and yoga style - More than 300 workouts (pilates for beginners, bikini body, toned arms yoga etc.) - Our app combines customized fitness and weight loss plans that work.
- Sea Animals Letter is a useful app for children to recognize the names of animals in English - Fun, easy-to-recognize illustrations to keep children interested - Rich content, automatically randomly picks up questions so that children do not get bored - Simple operation suitable for all ages. Children just need to drag and drop the letters into the right position - Modern interface, compatible with all smart phones and ipads